Sunday, June 6, 2010

Good Bye

As I write this people are having breakfast, packing up their things or heading to their final lecture or class.  NC Symposium 2010 is almost over.

The final night of Symposium was the Iron Quilter  event.  It was crazy!!
The audience wore chef hats.

The judges were Elin Waterston, David Taylor and Laura Wasilowski.

The iron quilter contestants were Karen Stone and Robbi Joy Eklow.

The other teachers had a front row seat.

The atmosphere in  "kitchen stadium" was electric.  The iron quilters were up  all kinds of hi jinks....silly string and whipped cream!!  The judges turned out to be comedians. It was fun and crazy and let's just say that "What happens at Iron Quilter stays at Iron Quilter"

From all of the Symposium committee members here in Charlotte, we want to say thanks to all of you for coming to our Symposium.  We hope you enjoyed yourself and will come back to visit our beautiful city soon.

Happy quilting!
Rhondi Mullins

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