Sunday, September 27, 2009

Teacher Carol Taylor

Another wonderful speaker we have lined for Symposium up is Carol Taylor.

Internationally known, award-winning quilt artist, Carol Taylor, approaches her quilt making with intensity and a seemingly boundless energy. Vibrant colors, striking contrasts, use of value, as well as heavy machine quilting and embroidery distinguish Carol’s quilts. She has created over 490 quilts since she began quilting in 1993.

Carol will teach a class called Value of Value:
Learn how to use VALUE to make your quilts stand out and “flow” from light to dark, while making a long skinny quilt (vertical or horizontal) for that special place on your wall? (Or maybe even create a table runner.)

This quilt will measure 14 x 57 or 14 x 71. This class is based on a project for a new book Carol has been invited to be in, and will emphasize a simple, hands-on method of learning to use value and make it “flow” in your quilts. The photo here shows a horizontal orientation, but you can hang it vertically too. It is fused patchwork with couched circles, similar to my Arc-i-Texture class, but mostly it will teach you how to use value and create “flow” in your quilts!

This is a chance to use some of those fancy and unusual fabrics that you’ve been attracted to, but didn’t know how to use. We will tame them by fusing, and learn to mix them with other textured looking fabrics. And you won’t need much of any one fabric---even scraps will do!

You’ll learn a bit about composition, and how to balance it with both color and size, and use value to make your design “flow”. You’ll learn about fusing and how to finish your quilts with facings instead of bindings. And Carol will also teach you how to quilt and couch those “perfect” circles that have almost become a trademark on her quilts.
Carol will also give a lecture titled Sew Many Quilts, So Little Time.
To learn more about Carol, you can access her website here and see samples of all her beautiful work. Check out her studio too. You'll be envious!
Happy quilting,

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Teacher Laura Wasilowski

Another teacher we are very excited to have teaching at Symposium 2010 is Laura Wasilowski. Laura has a blog which you can read here . You can also visit her website, named Artfabrik here and see some of her beautiful work.

She is going to teach 2 classes, Garden Of Eden and Stitch After Fusing and she'll also present a lecture titled I Quilt, Therefore I Am

We are very excited about the line up of teachers. I'll reveal another one tomorrow.

Happy quilting!


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Teacher Robbi Joy Eklow

She calls herself The Goddess of the Last Minute. Her real name is Robbi Joy Eklow and she will be one of our teachers at the 2010 Symposium.You can read all about Robbi on her website, here.
Robbi will be teaching 2 classes: STILL LIFE and BUFFET. She will also be doing a lecture.
We also have something else Robbi will be doing but it's a secret... and I can't tell you!

As to what other teachers we have lined up, you'll just have to come back another day.

Happy quilting