Friday, October 9, 2009

Teacher David Taylor

The next teacher in our line up is David Taylor. We are pleased to have a male teacher this year!

Here is a little background about David:
"About my quilts... My first quilt design was a collaboration with my friend and long-arm quilter Madeleine Vail. We finished our quilt in 2000 and it sold at a fund-raiser auction for $25,000. I was hooked. Who knew I would be still be doing this a decade later. Quilting has consumed my life, and fabric has consumed my home. I'm not one for stepping out of my box very often, but in 2006 I did convert to hand-applique, which I now love. I'm still machine quilting, as it is impossible to separate me from my Bernina 160. There is nothing more fulfilling to me than machine quilting. I'm now traveling the country lecturing and conducting workshops and having the time of my life."
David will teach a class on Pictorial Applique and give a lecture titled Reluctant Journey.

To learn more about David Taylor please visit his website here.

Come back tomorrow and I'll announce another teacher.

Happy quilting,

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